Dental restoration, dental fillings, or simply fillings, are treatments used to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure resulting from caries or external trauma as well as to the replacement of such structure supported by dental implants.

Dental Fillings and Why Dental Fillings are  Important!

Research shows that 78% of people are prone to developing a cavity by the age of 17.

  • Poor oral health and hygiene can cause your tooth enamel to get damaged.
  • Once this bone-like structure gets affected, plaque buildup and tooth decay often follow.
  • Cavities appear on the enamel in the form of holes, which can get filled with sugary substances. This further undermines the strength of the teeth.
  •  Visiting your family dentist is the first thing you should do to get those cavities filled before they spread to neighboring teeth
  • When the teeth with holes are filled, it becomes easier for an individual to maintain good oral hygiene

Dental Fillings Dental Processes

There are different types of fillings;

  • Amalgam or Silver
  • Porcelain
  • Gold
  • White cement (resins)Composites
  • Glass ionomers
  • Just to mention a few

The dentist will carry out the necessary assessment of your teeth condition first. Will then determine the extent of damage by removing the debris, bacteria, and any other decaying material in the tooth.

The tooth that requires a filling is isolated from the rest, to be treated with either an adhesive or bonding chemical that will keep the filling material in place or filled using an ordinary filling.

Are dental fillings really important?

  • Prevent further tooth damage, caries progress to involve the nerve area of the tooth
  • To Stop dental pain
  • Dental fillings act as a protective mechanism, preventing the spread of tooth infection.
  • Retain your Natural Look
  • Improved chewing Function

A common concern when undergoing dental procedures is the potential effect on appearance. However, we make sure that filling material camouflages itself and blends in perfectly well with the rest of the teeth. This is done with proficiency and skill to give you the perfect natural look alongside preventing tooth decay.

The white fillings (resins) are known to imitate the natural look of the teeth as they are made from a tooth-colored material. The dental procedure that fills the cavities is done in a way that it stays in place strongly.

If you’re thinking of getting white fillings in your teeth, contact us, and book your appointment for ultimate satisfaction. We offer superior quality services for our customers with guaranteed results.